Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Scarf Exchange 2016

Friday evening I hosted my annual scarf exchange with some of my friends locally.
We all met at a crowd favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner around 6pm.
Of course I took a #OOTN pic before heading out!
Love that the weather was nice enough to wear my open toed booties still!
I paired them with my new moto jeggings, black sweater and a light leather jacket.
Don't mind the messy bed and junk all around me! #reallife

After enjoying dinner and adult beverages it was onto the exchange!
We drew numbers and I some how ended up with the last pick!
I thought for sure with nine of us someone would decide to steal, but no one did!
Since I was the last to go I stuck with the surprise element of things and decided not to steal either :)

We all loved our scarves!
It turns out that most of us shopped locally at some super cute boutiques :)

We had a good mix of infinity, oblong, and blanket scarves this year.

After wards, most of the group headed over to The Blueberry Patch for a drink.
If you are any where in the area, you must stop by and try their blueberry cake donuts!
And a glass of the Apple Cider wine with the brown sugar rim!
So good!

There was a group of ladies in there all dressed up for Halloween.
They were dancing and having a great time!
We even saw Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton get down together! lol!

And before we left, Donald even asked for a picture will all of us ;)

I always have a great time with these ladies, and Friday was no exception :)

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