Thursday, November 10, 2016

LEGO Kids Fest

On Friday, I picked up X from school a little early because Mic and I had a surprise for him :)
This guy moving up the behavior chart at school consistently made it even better!

We quickly ran home, changed our clothes, and hopped in the car to head to Cleveland for
LEGO Kids Fest!!!!
We arrived and X was a little overwhelmed at first.
Thankfully, each session only had so many tickets available so it wasn't crowded at all!
Once X had a better idea of what was going on...he was pumped to be there!

We tackled the exhibit section first and it was amazing!
Look at that life size version of Lightning McQueen made completely out of Lego's!!!

After visiting the Lego Store part of the show, X was finally ready to check out the building tables.

We went to the first session of the weekend (5 in total), so I can only imagine what this looked like Sunday evening.
Kids/families could build whatever they wanted and it would be added to this area.

X (and Mic) loved being able to build cars and then race them down the track tables set up :)

This Lego pile was in the very middle of the place.
You could literally just plop down and start building whatever your heart desired.
It was slightly intimidating to X, so he stayed on the outskirts of the pile.

Check out the detail on that gorilla!
And those cute boys too ;)

I think we all enjoyed ourselves :)
And it definitely has us thinking about a visit to a Lego Discovery Center in the future!
Have you and your family visited a Lego Discovery Center or Legoland Park?
I would love to hear your reviews of either!

Lego store pick ups
Lego block & Lego person ice cube trays
Birthday cake
Reindeer & Toy Soldier (2016) Christmas ornaments

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  1. Colby LOVED legos when he was growing up (and still can't pass up the opportunity to build something if they are out). This would have been his version of heaven!

  2. Isn't it just crazy the stuff they can make?? What a fun day!

  3. Yay, so happy that he loves it, that looks like a ton of fun. He would LOVE Legoland! We have season passes and my kids love going, almost as much as Disneyland. Love that it makes them use their imagination.