Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall Fun & Lego Fest

Happy Friday!
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Vanilla Ice was definitely a favorite as a kid #stillis,
so when I saw this I couldn't help but sharing! :)

Last Friday evening I spent some much needed time with some of my very favorite ladies :)
My annual scarf exchange is definitely a favorite!

On Saturday Mic and I headed to Columbus to take in my first college football game.
While I am not a huge college fan, I do enjoy a good game.
Football is my favorite after all!

It was such a gorgeous day!
70+ degrees in late October!

I was liking my hair quite a bit that day, so I had to take a selfie ;)


It was truly a great day for a football game!
And the Buckeyes came away with the W!

Meanwhile, my favorite little guy was celebrating one of his best buds' birthdays :)
They had his party at the cutest little museum.

I saw this on Sunday as I was scrolling instagram.
This was a favorite for sure!!!
Too funny!

The weather was so nice this whole week!
I am talking mid 70's in November! In Ohio!
That doesn't happen often!
But I will take it!

Wednesday morning was another beautiful day!
The political train stopped in the 'field that morning.
I will be so happy when this election is over.

We celebrated with X's best bud on his actual birthday with the boys' favorite - Mickey D's! lol!

Wednesday night was rough!
I prayed a lot!
It honestly felt like the entire world was against us.
Actually, I think everyone outside of Cleveland was :(
My favorite MLB team was fighting for their lives in game 7 of the World Series!
Unfortunately, they didn't come away with the win, but boy am I one proud Cleveland fan for how they played!
Oh, and Wild Thing was there too!

Christmas is my favorite time of year!
I basically start decorating, listening to Christmas music, etc on November 1st.
So I beyond happy that the Sirius channels are available now too!
Makes for a happy work day :)

And finally, I am super excited to surprise X today!
We are taking him to Lego Kids Fest!
Lego's are his FAVORITE!!!!!
He is borderline obsessed with them!
I can't wait to see his face when we surprise him after school!

And that is a wrap!
We are celebrating my grandma's birthday this weekend, so I am looking forward to seeing my relatives as well!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Annual scarf exchange?! LOVE! I need to read up on that one immediately :) The game looked like a blast!


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