Thursday, October 20, 2016

LuLaRoe Review

Have you heard of ???

I starting seeing posts that women were selling these clothes on Facebook a little over a year ago.
It could be from the comfort of their own home, at a friend's house (called a Pop-up), or on Facebook in photo albums or even a live sale.

Fast forward a year and my Facebook feed is blowing up with ladies that now sell LLR.
My friend Jody told me a few months ago that she was going to start selling these clothes as well, so I decided to do some digging to find out what all the fuss is about.

Here is just some of what I found...
"LuLaRoe clothes are fashion-forward, on trend pieces that are produced in limited quantities. The limited availability of designs and patterns (no more than 5,000 items are created from a specific print) creates high demand so if you love it, buy it!! The clothes are flattering, comfortable, and they are manufactured with attention to detail and a commitment to high quality."

Now fast forward again a few months for Jody's Launch Party.
She and her mom have such a cute set up for their in-home boutique.
Interested in hosting a Pop-up...they will definitely come to you as well :)

Everything was clearly labeled by style and size, and they have plenty of space for you to try on items as well.

Jody and her mom, Rita, are super helpful in picking out items that fit you well and that you actually will wear!
Need a top for those super cute leggings...they can help you with that too!

So here is what I picked up for myself...

I was actually gifted these leggings since I had never had a pair before.
They are buttery soft!
So the first cool day of Fall I threw them under my chambray dress with some boots and a matching scarf.
I loved this outfit!
And I think my leggings obsession began at this very moment :)

I am not a big pattern person, but I couldn't resist these leggings because of the "X" like pattern.
I loved them paired with my new burnt orange top from Old Navy (can't find online).

And I picked up this simple gray & black Randy Tee as well.
I am a sucker for a good baseball tee :)
And it was long enough to pair with leggings or skinny jeans.

If you would like to shop Jody's online boutique, you can request to be added to her page here.
Just let her know I sent ya :)

So remember how I just said above I am not a big pattern person?
Well, that does not apply at holiday time!
So when I heard that LLR made holiday leggings I was all over it!
Unfortunately, Jody didn't have any of the Halloween leggings in stock so I started looking around on some of the other pages.
A few friends that I grew up are also selling LLR and they DID have Halloween leggings!
I picked up these Jack-O-Lantern ones through a live sale on Facebook this past weekend and they already arrived at my doorstep on Tuesday!
Just as soft and cute as the rest!

I also snagged these deep purple spider web ones from another sale on Facebook.
They are on their way to me as I type this :)

Final Thoughts
While not every piece of LuLaRoe clothing is my style I definitely see the appeal.
And those leggings?
Oh my word!
They are super soft, super comfy, and can be dressed up or down.
That is my kind of clothing item!

Pricing isn't terrible either.
The prices are the same from seller to seller for the most part, shipping just varies.
Leggings are $25 (adult sizes) and the Randy tee I picked up was $35.

And yes, I will be buying more leggings!
I can't wait for the Christmas patterns to come out now! lol!

Do you own any LuLaRoe clothing?
What are your favorite styles?
Do you sell it?

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  1. I love the Randy T I own 3 of them I have 4 pair of leggings and 3 Irma's. I was skeptical too of patterned ones I went to my first party saying Im only buying solid but now that's all I own...I dont even have a solid pair

  2. I haven't gotten to try them on yet...but I'm interested in the Amelia, I think it's just so cute.