Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show & Tell | Me

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Today the theme is Me :)
Well more about me.
Nicknames, quirks, phobias, etc.
What makes me..Me :)

When I was really little my parents called me Nessebelle or Goober when they didn't say my actual name.

A friend of my parents called me Strawberry Shortcake.
I never had red hair or freckles, but I think I wore of lot of clothes with her on it.

Once I started school I found out that my parents weren't very original in picking out my name since there were 5 of us with the name Vanessa.
Just in my class!
Strange thing...I have only met two other Vanessa's outside of those I went to school with and they were a couple years younger than me.
Apparently, in my small town Vanessa was a great name in 1978-1979! lol!
So since there were so many of us, we quickly had nicknames to tell us apart.
Because little kids can't figure out who is who otherwise right?! lol!
So Ness was born.
I have been Ness my entire life.
Even to my family. Well my family back home.

Side note: The other Vanessa's were - Nessie, Nessa, Vanessa, and V (I believe).

When I met Mic and his friends and family someone had the bright idea to call me V.
I wasn't a fan of it at first, but it has grown on me over the last 15 years.
Enough to be part of my blog title :)

Snakes, frogs, stink bugs.
Basically everything that has taken over my house.

Public speaking or just talking with acquaintances.
I literally break out in a sweat making small talk.
I need help! lol!

That I don't fit in.
As I get older, and a little more comfortable with myself I am getting better at being myself and being OK with that.
The only one not wearing a dress. I am finally OK with that :)

Feeling trapped.
Elevators don't really scare me, but being some where that I can't see a way out stresses me out.
Example: Being in the center of a crowded tent with a lot of people taller than me.
If I can't see an opening or have elbow room I get really nervous.

I am a numbers girl. When I renew my driver's license I like the numbers to match.
So....I wait until my actual birthday if possible to go get my new license so the birth date, issue date and renewal date all match.

I like everything to match. Mixing patterns isn't too bad for me, but colors drive me nuts!
Brown and black together practically kill me.
I can do cognac and black, but that is it.

I have a hard time eating my food if things are touching.
Those divided plates were made for people like me! lol!
If these touch - say corn and mashed potatoes, I won't eat any of the parts that touch.
I actually build a bit of a wall with the parts that touch so I can eat everything else around it.

I have never been able to spend the night at friends houses.
I am a scaredy cat in case you didn't know.
I also don't like bedtimes - wonder where X gets it from ;)
So going to a friends house and having the parents turn off all the lights and tell me I have to go to bed didn't work for me.
Hence, why I had A LOT of sleepovers at my house :)

I am this weird combination of tomboy who likes to look pretty.
I don't like to shop, but I do like clothes.
I can't stand to do my hair, but I love having long wavy/curled hair.
Take me to a bar any day over sitting at a house party.
I am a cocktail/shot girl over a glass of wine.
Football/basketball/baseball game over a spa day.
Pretty much anything a guy likes to do, I like to do looking pretty :) lol!

And check out 37 Randoms About Me for more goofiness :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I am the same way about my food touching. I cannot do it! Also I'm all about sports over the spa.

  2. The everything matching had me cracking up. I used to be very similar... and with fitting in too!!

  3. Totally feel you on the food touching.. can't do it!


  4. I'm not one for small talk either. If I know you well, I'm good. If I don't, I clam up. I don't really do wine. My drink of choice is Jagermeister. I've never met a Vanessa. Crazy that you had so many with the same name in school.