Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Fun | Food Coma

Happy Monday morning!
It was a great weekend with my guys!
Thursday night we headed out to get X a much needed haircut.
The before...
and the after :)
I might be biased, but that kid sure is cute!
 No haircut night is complete without grabbing some Skyline Chili for dinner!

Friday evening we jetted out of work quickly to get home and change before heading to the local high school basketball game with friends.
The place was packed!
The boys were still at home playing and eating pizza, so my friend and I headed up to the school to save some seats.
Thankfully, someone else was already there saving seats for us because it quickly became standing room only!
And that was only about 10 minutes into the JV game!
 The guys and kids arrived just before the Varsity match up began.
Our local high school was playing for the conference championship so it was kind of a big deal.
Plus, they are ranked in the state!
 I took this kid to the bathroom and he was having way too much fun with the hand dryer! lol!
 Big Lex won!!!!
OCC champs!
We had a great time at the game and X thought it was AWESOME!
We told him how Mic used to play on that court and hopefully some day he would too :)

1, New Concord John Glenn (16)21-1204
2, Upper Sandusky (2)21-0153
3, Akr. SVSM (1)17-3150
4, Trotwood-Madison20-2108
5, Chillicothe Unioto (1)20-196
6, Lexington19-286
7, Defiance17-378
8, Alliance20-165
9, Poland Seminary (1)16-439
10, Napoleon16-426

 It was such a beautiful day on Saturday, so we decided to jump in the car and take a drive.

We landed at Graeters Ice Cream in Columbus.

 They had a fun little play area for X, so he was a happy camper :)

There was a couple birthday parties going on there, so the play area got a little crowded from time to time.
So we took a break and enjoyed some ice cream!
 X had Cotton Candy, Mic had a mint chocolate chip sundae called ?? (I can't remember)
 and I branched out (from my normal plain chocolate) and had the sea salt caramel.
 I tried a sample before ordering and X loved the little spoon they gave me, so he ate most of his ice cream with it. lol!
 And because the play area cleared out by the time we were done, we let X head back from a little bit more.

We drove around downtown Columbus and through some areas I have never been to (or at least not in years).
I forget that there is a gorgeous river that runs right through the town.
We didn't get out of the car, but it was really pretty to drive by.
I was driving, so I didn't get any pics.

We then made our way to the North Market.
 It was a lot like the West Side Market in Cleveland, but on a much smaller scale.
Lots of vendors with fresh foods, flowers, wine, etc.
My favorites were the places that made the fresh food on the spot for you to try or purchase :)

 After picking up a few goodies to try, we made our way upstairs to the tables to test them out.
 These sweet waffles from Taste of Belgium were unlike anything I have ever had!
Truly amazing!!!!
 We grabbed a few fun flavored pretzel twists from Brezel to try as well.

Those treats were so good, but we needed to get some dinner before heading back home.
Unfortunately, we were able to get into Thurman's (1 1/2 hour wait :( ), so we stopped by one of our favorites and were able to walk right in!
Mimi's Cafe never disappoints!

X was so good all day, so we promised we could swing through Grammy & P's house when we got back into town.
He was so excited to eat his dessert he picked out!
Destination Donuts was another vendor at the market that we couldn't pass up.
They had so many flavors, but X went with the Vanilla one :)
 Those suckers were big too!
It is hard to tell from the picture below, but that thing was at least half of the size of X's face!
And he ate almost the entire thing!!!

It was truly a great day with my guys!
Sunday we kept things pretty low key as shopping, laundry, etc.
Mic and I did manage to watch The Avengers movie while X took his nap :)
And X and I (solo) took a trip to Target and had a great time!
Maybe, just maybe, I can do this mom thing after all! lol!

So how was your weekend?
Did you get outside?


  1. What a fun weekend! The food does look amazing! Love the new haircut too.

  2. What a fun weekend! It was the PERFECT weather to be out and about- and looks like you all took full advantage of it :) North Market looks like a great (and tasty!) place to explore haha!

  3. Seriously, the food! I want to live in your world for a weekend or two.
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