Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites | Fun Nights

This week has been filled with lots of favorites!

We took X to Disney on Ice Friday night and had an absolute blast!

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that the Super Bowl was played on Sunday night.
Despite my team never making it, I love to watch the game!
My favorite part of the evening was getting to watch it all by myself!
And watching Peyton Manning win ;)

Our weather isn't looking good for this weekend, so I am going to have to put this look on hold until the snow melts :(
However, my other date night look might just be perfect for Valentine's Day!

Before the Richard Marx show on Wednesday evening, we headed out for some dinner and drinks.
We were excited to try out The Phoenix Brewing Company and they did not disappoint!
My dad tried a flight of beers, my step mom sipped on a glass of blueberry wine, I enjoyed a pear cider and Mic had his typical Bourbon on the rocks.
The history of the building is really cool!

And then it was onto the show!
Way back in October (I believe) I was checking out what shows were coming to our local theatre for Christmas ideas.
Well, I came across a Richard Marx show!
My dad, step mom, Mic and I all saw him at a small theatre near Columbus a few years ago and the show was awesome!
So when I saw how cheap the tickets were, and how close we could sit I jumped on it!
And it worked out as a Christmas gift for them :)
In case you haven't noticed, my cell phone is getting worse and worse at taking pictures. UGH!
We were 4 rows from the stage, right on the aisle.
He played quite a few hits and a few songs that he has written for/with other artists.
Anyone remember this one...
Yep, written by Richard Marx!
And this one too!
Lots of others as well!
All in all it was a great night out, despite the super cold and snowy weather we had outside.
And this is my favorite Richard Marx song.
You can check out the video here, along with a few other favorites from my childhood :)

And that has been our crazy, fun filled week!

Any big plans for Valentine's Day?
I am still scrambling to get X's valentines ready for tomorrow!
Wish me luck!
Valentines are done!!

Happy Friday & Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!
Hope you get to spend it with your loves :)

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  1. Yeah the weather this weekend means stay in! Hope you have a good weekend none the less!

  2. give me ALLL the N*SYNC. That seriously used to be my FAVORITE song. Have a great Valentine's Day weekend@

  3. What a fun-filled week/weekend you had! :) Stay warm and enjoy Valentine's weekend!!!