Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show & Tell | Winning me :)

 So apparently blogging on Mondays isn't going to happen for a little while.
So Happy Tuesday! ;)
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Today is all about how to win me & my heart :)

Sometimes it is hard to remember how Mic won my heart.
I mean, it was 15 years ago!
Other days it seems like yesterday I saw those long legs walking across the showroom of the Infiniti dealership.
Obviously, there was an initial attraction to how tall he was and the arrogance confidence he projected.
And since we worked at the dealership together, we definitely bonded over our love of cars.

While I could probably come up with a million things how Mic won my heart all those years ago,
one big one comes to mind.

He enjoys just taking a drive in the car with me :)
I grew up just hoping in the car with my family and taking rides on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
I loved it!
We didn't have a specific destination in mind, we just went and explored.
I have some of the best memories of sitting in the back seat with my brother looking out the windows as we passed by new places.

I think I knew Mic was keeper the very first time we hopped in the car and just drove.
And again, our love of cars helps! ;)
We tend to be quite opposite on most things in life, but when we get in the car and drive we just click.

Of course the fact that he is funny helps too :)

How did your spouse or significant other win your heart?


  1. You guys are cute-- I love this! :) I do enjoy a good drive as well so I can totally see how that's something that won ya over! I'm pretty sure one of the first conversations Jared and I had involved Disneyworld haha

  2. Love this and I'm the total opposite as I get carsick! HahA!!

  3. aw that's so sweet!!! I guess when there's no time for a fancy date night, you'll always have car rides :)

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  4. Oh how I remember driving on Saturday or Sunday afternoons with no destination when I was going....it's when my daddy eventually taught me to drive and it was just precious time together. It's so nice when opposites attract but you find that one thing that brings you together