Monday, February 8, 2016

A Legend

Happy Monday morning :)
Is anyone else as tired as I am this morning?
Of course, I am assuming you all stayed up and watched the Super Bowl last night ;)
But I will get to that in a minute.
Let's back up to Friday first!

Mic and I picked up X from school a little early and headed to Columbus for Disney on Ice!
X was so excited every day we talked about it, but then that morning before school he said he didn't want to go :(
Thankfully, he changed his mind once we picked him up!
We enjoyed dinner at Max & Erma's nearby before heading into the arena.

We had amazing seats!
We decided to go to Disney on Ice pretty last minute, so I was shocked that we were able to score second row seats, right off the ice!
While X said he was happy to be there and that he was enjoying himself, he complained of a tummy ache :(
When the show started X didn't know what to think.
Honestly, I think he was a bit scared at first but calmed quickly.
The theme of this show was "Let's Celebrate!".
So there were birthday parties, Valentine's Day celebrations, Halloween fun, Christmas and more!

The kid in me couldn't go without getting some cotton candy!
So we grabbed a bag at intermission and it came with this fun crown for X!

I took a TON of pictures between my phone and Mic's phone, but I won't post them all to overwhelm you ;)
At the end of the night X said it was awesome and that his favorite part was Mickey Mouse of course!
I think Mic thought it was pretty cheesy, but this girl can't wait to go back again! :)

On Saturday morning Mic had to work, and I wasn't feeling well so X and I kept things low key.
We watched Disney movies,
 played cars, and even walked around like the characters in the movies ;)

On Sunday, this goofball didn't want to get dressed!
I swear he was in those pajama pants until 2pm!

After a trip to the grocery store, some fresh air outside, and a nap for X, it was time for the big game!
I love Super Bowl Sunday!
Even if my team isn't in the big game, I dress for the team I am cheering for and don't want to miss a single play.
I picked up these festive cupcakes at Kroger and they were the perfect treat during the game! 
 Some how I lucked out last night and was able to watch the whole first half of the game by myself!
And yes, in case you haven't figured it out, I love football!
When it is game day, you won't find me talking or by the food...I will be on the couch watching the game from beginning to end!
 Despite my issues with the Denver Broncos in the past (like John Elway), I was 100% cheering for them and Peyton Manning!
And they won!!!
While the game wasn't very fun to watch on the offensive front,
that Denver D was insane!
And if it truly was this man's last game, it was the perfect way to go out!

 How was your weekend?
Did you watch the game?
What was your favorite commercial?
What did you think about Gaga or the halftime show?


  1. Disney on ice looks like a blast! And yes, cotton candy is a must in situations like that. I always have to get some at Disneyworld no matter how expensive it it ;) I wrote about my SB thoughts on the blog today... I was honestly bored by a lot of it! Game + entertainment.

  2. I wrangled baby during the game while everyone watched it...hehe. Good weekend, and I want to see Disney on Ice...I tried to get Baby Fox to go see Frozen on ice, cause I knew that Mini Fox would love it, but he had no!