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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Linking up with Shay & Erika today for...

Today is all about how we plan our summer vacation.
I can't lie, we tend to be creatures of habit over here.
Meaning, we stick with what we know we like.
Every now and then we branch out a bit, and then the following year we almost always end up back someplace that makes our hearts happy :)

Growing up in Ohio the spot most families went for vacation was Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Both Mic's and my family did this summer after summer.
It just seems to offer something for everyone!

Another place Mic and I have added to our list of happy places is the Savannah/Tybee Island, Georgia area.

And just a couple of years ago we tried out Destin, Florida for the first time and I am itching to go back!
But I definitely needs some recs for restaurants that aren't the typical tourist trap places.

So with all that said, how do we plan these trips is the main question of the day.
In years past we typically start our planning in January/February of the same year.
We decide where we would like to go and then start researching places to stay, eat, etc.
After a week or so of research, we pick our dates and get it booked!
Prior to X being in school we would plan our vacations during September or October.
It is usually less busy no matter where we go since most kids are back in school then.
Plus, the rates are better!

Last year was the exception to everything I just said above. lol!
We did decide we wanted to take X to Disney World in January, but we needed to move quick!

Planning a Disney vacation was unlike any trip we have ever planned!
If you are a first timer, I suggest dealing with a travel agent or someone who has been there many, many times and Knows.It.All.
Thanks to Erika, we booked our trip to Disney in February and were headed to Florida the first week of May!

How do you plan your summer vacation?
Do you use a travel agent?
Do you use a specific website?
Are you a creature of habit like us?
And last, but not least....where should we go next?

I am actually headed to Myrtle Beach next week for a 40th birthday celebration!
I can't wait!
After being away from Myrtle Beach for the last few years, I am so excited to be back in my happy place :)

Other than that we aren't planning a vacation this year with all the things we have going on with remodeling the house :(
However, I am planning a 40th birthday celebration for myself at the end of the year :)
Any ideas where to go in early January?

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