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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The results are in from my second round of Faster Way to Fat Loss!
If you are new around here, check out my results from round 1 here and then come back here :)

The second six weeks not only left me feeling a difference in myself, but I can see it too!
And others are now noticing too :)

Round 2 is complete.
I have now made my way through 12 weeks of the Faster Way to Fat Loss program.
And there is no way I am stopping!
I joined the VIP group that started on April 1st :)

I have told you before how I have tried numerous programs before, but this one has been different for me.
It has worked!
I didn't have to give up foods I love.
I didn't have to stress out over workouts and how I would fit them into my schedule.
Heck, I didn't have to give up coffee or pizza!

In a nutshell...Was I perfect during this past 6 weeks?
That is not what this program is about at all!
But I also let myself enjoy a few more things than I did the first 6 weeks.
And I also found myself not wanting a lot of treats too.
While I might have had plans change and ended up at Wendy's for dinner...I picked better things/smaller portions/etc.
I know that I have worked hard for the results I am seeing from FWTFL and I don't want to lose those.

Drum roll please.....

I am down 8.7 inches overall and 6.4 pounds just in Round 2!

Add that to my Round 1 results and I am down 23.75 inches overall and just shy of 15 pounds are gone!

I'm smiling ear to ear just typing that!
But I'm not gonna lie...I wish the scale would have gone down more.
But then I have to remember that muscle weighs more than fat, it just takes up less space.


There you have it!
I am absolutely thrilled with my results!

I mentioned above that I decided to continue with this amazing program so I joined the VIP group.
A couple things changed, but overall the program remains the same.
Same accountability, great workouts, etc.
If you are looking for that something in your life shoot me an email or comment below.
I would love to see how FWTFL changes your life as well!

Email me at
Or click here to read more about the program and sign up today!
Returning clients can sign up here!

The next round starts May 6th!
Perfect timing to get things in motion for a great summer body and mindset!

Thank you to all of you who have reached out about FASTer Way to Fat Loss and for your encouraging words and support on my journey :)

XOXO ~ Vanessa


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