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Monday, October 16, 2017

When X had his orientation for Kindergarten I signed up to help out with the class parties and such.
The key word being "help".
On Friday a sheet came home asking about helping again.
This time it indicated the following options...

Head Room Mom
Donate Only

See that top option up there?
Yep, that is what I marked :/

There are so many reasons I marked it really.
My job enables me to do it
I want to make sure X and his friends enjoy their first school party
I love a good theme
I like being involved as much as possible

But the biggest reason why I think I marked that option...

Because my mom did it every year I was in school :)

Part of me feels a bit obligated since she did it all those years.
Another part feels extremely nervous because I don't know if I can live up to how awesome she always made all of my school parties.
And another part thinks I can totally rock this!

So I am asking for your help!
Who has hosted or helped out with their kiddos school parties before?
I need all your suggestions, ideas, etc.!
Especially for the Kindergarten age :)

The Halloween/Harvest party is in less than two weeks so I need to get on things and delegate to the other moms as quickly as possible.

I need craft ideas, snack ideas, and games.

And GO!

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