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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Happy Monday Tuesday Wednesday!
Does the beginning of the week ever get away from anyone else?

This past weekend I had a rare day to myself, so I headed south to Columbus to get some much needed (but dreaded) shopping done.

My first stop was Tanger Outlets in Sunbury.
I actually walked the entire place and even tried on a few things in a couple stores and was done in an hour.
I told you before that I don't like to shop.
I left with nothing.

Next stop was Polaris Fashion Place.
It was lunch time, so I made a stop at my happy place :)

Now onto the shopping!
I went in quite a few stores, but spent the most time in Altar'd State and Evereve.

Altar'd State had a BOGO 50% off on dresses so I grabbed some and headed for the dressing room.
First, I must say that I love the decor and style of the dressing rooms there....BUT the lighting isn't very good :(
I loved this Fort Sumner Dress in burgundy and in the navy option below, but it was super staticy.
I couldn't tell how it really would hang so it didn't come home with me.

Next up was this Laurel Canyon Dress in red.
I liked the raw hem on the edges, but the overall cut wasn't for me.

I saw this New Beginnings Dress online and knew I wanted to try it on in store.
I loved the detail on the sleeves, but felt so-so about the elastic waist.

I am looking for a white lace/eyelet dress for Nashville to wear with some cowboy boots and my denim jacket....this Honeysuckle Hue Dress unfortunately wasn't it :(

These pictures do not do the colors of these dress justice!
It was so pretty in person!
I am not one to wear leggings with my dresses though, and this Sunset Forever Dress felt just a hair too short :(

The last one I tried was this olive colored Willingly Wild Dress.
I was really hoping you could wear it up or just one shoulder, but it isn't made that way :(
So I left one of my favorite stores empty handed :(

Remember when I tried a box from Trendsend by Evereve?
I have been thinking about giving it another try, so I was super excited to head into the actual store to check things out and try a few things on.
A few things is an understatement! lol!

The girls in the store are super helpful.
Honestly, I only picked a couple things to try on, but Janelle brought in quite a few options for me.
The concept in the store is pretty similar to the subscription service.
~ 2-3 outfits to try on

Option #1

 Janelle picked out this look for me based on a few styles/prints that I told her I liked when I walked in the store.
Peyton Jensen Dakota Cowl Hoodie

You all know that I am not a true leggings person, so these were a struggle to even take a picture of.
They were camo though ;)
Now the denim jacket and sweatshirt where so me!
I ended up bringing that super cozy hooded sweatshirt home with me :)

Option #2

I decided I would test out the ruffle/cold shoulder trend with this black sweater, so Janelle paired it with some dark skinny jeans.

The fit of the sweater was great, but I decided the cold shoulder style just isn't for me.
The jeans were cute too, but I didn't need them.

Option #3

Most of you know that I have been on the hunt for black jeans, so I had to try these ones on.
I had told Janelle that I loved plaid, so she paired them with the boyfriend style shirt.
Sanctuary Tartan Boyfriend Shirt

These jeans were exactly what I was looking for!
They definitely came home with me!
That plaid top almost did too, but I tried to show some restraint. lol!

Option #4

I thought the ribbon detail on this sweatshirt was interesting, so Janelle grabbed it for me along with a pair of olive green cargo skinny pants.
Level 99 Sateen Cargo - I believe these are the same pair

This sweatshirt looked so cute on the lady in the dressing room next to me, but it did nothing for me.
It was way too boxy for my shape.
These cargo pants were seriously soft and fit really well, but I didn't like the back pockets.
I know you are probably all saying...just wear a longer top with them.
It doesn't matter to me if they will ever show or not, I have to be comfortable with the back pockets :/

Option #5

Again, based on colors and patterns I mentioned I liked Janelle put together this look for me.
Z Supply Camo LS Tee
Marrakesh Halen Moto Jacket
Dark wash skinny jeans - I am not sure what brand they were

This outfit was just OK to me.
I mean I love army green jackets and camo, but they just didn't scream take me home with you.
And the jeans were just so-so to me.

Option #6

This was another full outfit Janelle brought into the dressing room for me.
Jessica Simpson Yolah Bootie
Beige poncho/sweater - I wish I could find this on the site!

This whole outfit except for the booties came home with me!
Honestly, I wasn't terribly impressed with it when she first brought to the dressing room.
But once I put the whole thing together I loved it!
And those dark green skinny jeans are a dream!
And that poncho (this is my first one) is SO SOFT!!!!

Option #7

Another look put together by Janelle was this duster cardigan, suede tee, and sateen skinny pants.
AG Sateen Legging Ankle
Braeve Lace Back Cardigan

I loved the suede tee, but the color totally washed me out.
The black pants were OK, but I wanted black jeans.
And that sweater....I wish I had a picture of the back of it.
It had a ribbon like detail that weaved from the top all the way to the bottom.

But none of it was me.
I felt like I was wearing a robe that sweater was so long!

Option #8

These were the last items Janelle suggested for me to pair with those skinny pants above.
Jamison Chelsea Hooded Blazer
Black skinny pants - same as the above picture
Gray thumb hole sweater - I can't find on the site

This sweater was so soft and lightweight!
If I wasn't bringing home that gray sweatshirt from above, I would have purchased this.
And you may or may not know I have a thing for jackets.
I should have resisted this one, but I didn't.
It came home with me.

And now I am planning my trip back to the store to return it.
I do like the fit and the blazer/military combo with the zip out hood style, but not enough for the price.

Plus, I have SO MANY JACKETS!!!!

I bought three from the #NSALE (sent one back) and picked up 2 camo ones a couple weeks ago.
I need help! lol!

Remember how I said above (and many other times on the blog) that I am not a fan of shopping?
I am still not a fan.
While I did enjoy the experience at Evereve and all the outfit options/combinations, I was exhausted when I left the store.
If my calculations are correct...I was in the store for almost 2 hours!!!

Yes, you read that correctly...2 hours!!!!

With that said, I am definitely going to give Trendsend another chance.
I am even going to request Janelle from the Polaris Mall store in Columbus as my stylist :)

Have you tried Trendsend before or shopped in an Evereve store?

Believe it or not, my shopping day wasn't over after that!
I hit up DSW to returns some boots that didn't work out and picked up these super cute booties!

And then I called it day and drove the hour back home.

Linking up with The Blended Blog today :)

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