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Friday, April 6, 2018

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X was on Spring Break all last week, but Mic and I had to work :(
We did adjust our schedules to take Friday off so we kicked off the long weekend by heading out to dinner and then grabbing a treat on the way home :)
That kid loves donuts!

Meanwhile, I decided to grab a Girl Scouts Thin Mint Latte to try.
I don't know why I bother....Dunkin Donuts always disappoints me and this time was no different :(

We woke up on Good Friday and was greeted by a Goo Mail Day!

Honestly, it was all little things..but still fun!
Like this new sunless tanning foam I picked up on Amazon.
At the time of typing this I haven't tried it yet, but it is supposed to be compareable to St. Tropez without the price tag.
I snagged this mitt and mousse for $9.99.
I tried this sunless tanning foam and mitt last night and I love it!
It was super easy to apply, no harsh smell, and has a brown tint so you know exactly where you put it!
I applied a light layer of it, I slept with it on, and just showered in the morning.
I love the glow it gave my skin!
Grab it here (medium or dark) for only $9.99!!!!

This next item actually came the day before, but I am including it with all my good mail :)
Sheaffer posted that her sister uses this lash serum and loves it!
I have been using the R&F Lash Boost for quite a while and love my results, but would love something that I could just order from anywhere.
I was looking this one up when I found a deal on Overstock for just $55!
I quickly took advantage of that deal and it arrived a few days later!
I will let you know how it compares to Lash Boost soon :)

I decided I wanted to give the 80 Day Obsession workouts a try (not following the meal plan 100% right now, but close) so I needed to add some sliders and resistance loops to my gear.
So I hopped on Amazon and this set arrived 2 days later :)

Jen at The Sister Studio shared that this set of earrings were a $10 deal on Baublebar last week and I decided to give them a try.
While there, I found this wishbone choker for $10 as well and added it to my cart.
These earrings are super cute and really go with everything.

The last item I received in the mail was all of these goodies from WM Nutrition.
I have taken the same supplements and such for years, but just felt my body wasn't reacting the same to them lately (just add it to the list).
Melea posted about these products and was offering a HUGE discount on them, I decided to give them a try.
I ordered this kit and here are the flavors I picked out..
Appetite Control Caffeine Free - Key Lime Pie
Appetite Control - Strawberry Daiquiri
Sleep It Off
PreWorkout - Sour Strawberry
All Natural Protein Powder - Blueberry

I have been using them for a week today and I am liking them so far.
My biggest problem I face on a daily basis is boredom/mindless snacking.
I use two of those appetite control packets a day and so far they have really been helping!
And those preworkout packets have been a nice bonus before my workouts too!
I keep you posted as I use them more as to how I am feeling, etc.

Have you hear of WM Nutrition?
Do you use any of the products?

A couple of friends and I talked about taking the kiddos to the trampoline park or the Little Buckeye Museum, but them we found out the guys could get into the high school gym to practice before the tournament on Saturday.
The kiddos loved that they could shoot around as well!
And I loved it because it was free :)

I didn't take a single picture the rest of the evening :(
We just hung out at home with a couple of friends, ate some pizza, let the kiddos run around, and just enjoyed each others company.
It was great :)

We were all up early on Saturday morning for the dad's to show off their basketball skills ;)
It was the first annual Lexington Alumni Basketball Tournament.
Mic was actually the "big guy" for the jump ball. lol!

It was so cute looking down during one of the breaks and see these two sitting together :)

And how cute are all these kiddos sitting on the bench together watching their dads????
Insert all the heart eye emojis here for sure!!!!

Mic's high school basketball coach from 20+ years ago even drove into town to watch the guys play.

These guys ranged from about 35-42 years old.

They won their first game by almost 20 points against a team that graduated in 2015!!!
Unfortunately, I think their age/stamina/etc caught up with them during the second and third games.
They lost to the 2014 kids and then to the 2013 kids.
And I say kids because...they are :)
Someone even mentioned how all the kids of the guys on Mic's team were older than the amount of years the kids they played have been out of school.
It's true!

Win or lose, we had a great time watching our guy out on the court.
We can't wait for next year!
And Mic even said he was happy he played and was glad I talked him into it!

There was about an hour break in between a couple of the games, so the girls headed to The Blueberry Patch for a sweet treat.
If you are local or just driving through the area, I suggest you stop and grab a blueberry donut.
You won't be sorry :)

I truly love getting to spend time with these ladies :)

The next morning was Easter!
X forgot for a moment when he woke up, but once he remembered he was on a mission to find his basket!
When I was a kid that was one of my favorite things to do!
My basket was hidden under the sink, in the shower/bathtub, behind the couch, etc.
It was so much fun trying to figure out where it was hidden, so I try to do the same thing with X.

He found his basket and he was super excited to see a couple of Nerf guns in there.
He doesn't like chocolate or much candy for that matter, so instead of wasting my money I bought some things he needed or could play with now and into the summer.

After picking up my groceries I ordered online (Thank you Clicklist!),
we headed over to my in-laws house for a late lunch/early dinner.
But first we had to take a couple of pictures ;)
I absolutely LOVE these pants from Old Navy!

We unintentionally all wore white shirts and blue pants/jeans, so we really had to snap a pic! lol!
#whiteandbluesoundsnicemakeittrice ;)

This kid and I couldn't wait to dig into that ham!

I had a couple ideas for dessert, but my MIL asked me to make this trifle.
The original recipe called for regular Oreo cookies and all green pudding/cool whip.
I changed the colors to be more Easter like, and we changed to the vanilla Oreo cookies since X doesn't like chocolate.

I must admit, I am not a trifle fan but it was pretty good.
No complaints from anyone else so I'll call it a win :)

And just like that the weekend was over and Monday was here!
I talked about all things Spring with The Blended Blog for their monthly Ask Series.

And I shared some of my latest Amazon Prime Finds on Tuesday!

Just a few Instagram favorites for you this week...

I am trying to convince myself that I don't need that graphic tee, but I am having a hard time! lol!

And that is it for the week!

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