Monday, November 6, 2017

TBB Asks | November

Linking up with The Blended Blog today for their Ask Series.

1. A new friend - Ashley because she tells it like it is :)

2. Something shiny - Christmas lights

3. Someone unexpected - My secretary at work

4. Something ordinary - TV because it helps relax me...and it can substitute as a babysitter for X while I need to get something done.

5. A person you've known for a long time - Kasey

6. Somewhere you go every day - My house

7. Someone who's taught you something - Mic...Shhh, don't tell him ;)

8. A far-away place - Cleveland, Ohio

9. Something that's saving your life right now - Coffee

10. Someone you see every day - Xavier

11. Something you enjoy doing - Listening to Christmas music

12. Someone female - My mom

13. A special place - Savannah, Georgia

14. Someone male - My dad

15. Something warm - Hats

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