Healthy Living

This page is designed to be an easy place for you get tips on living a healthy lifestyle.
What is a healthy lifestyle?
To me it is...
Eating balanced meals while allowing a few cheats along the way.
Exercising - that could mean doing a DVD at home, going to a class, or just chasing your kids around.
Drinking lots of H2O.
Taking supplements that aid my body in performing at its' best.

On this page you will find links to healthy recipes I make for my family, workouts that I enjoy as a busy full time working mommy, and the supplements I use to keep going each day.

This page will be a work in progress as I find new recipes or workout tips to share with you, so make sure to check back often for updates.

March 31, 2015
I personally use AdvoCare products - Spark, Catalyst, Core Plex, Probiotic Ultra, Amplify T, Carb Ease.
I occasionally sub the meal replacement shakes for breakfast as well.
Every 3-4 months Mic and I do a 10 day cleanse to reset our bodies.
It just "cleans" things out so to speak.
I still eat real food.
I still have pizza, ice cream, alcohol, etc.
I just have it in moderation.
I will never push the products I use on you, but if you are interested in learning more about what I take daily feel free to email me at for more information or check out my AdvoCare site.
I would love to help you be the healthiest you possible.
And if you decide you want to jump in and try out the 24 Day Challenge I will be there to coach and push you the entire way :)

See Mic's results from the 24 Day Challenge here and mine here.

Here are few tried and true recipes that my family just loves!
And the best part, they are healthy!!!

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