Friday, October 20, 2017

Shopping, Coffee & Fantasy Football!

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If you missed my announcement on Monday, you can read more about it here.
In a nutshell, I am super excited/nervous to be the Head Room Mom for my FAVORITE Kindergartner's class this year!
Head there now to give me all your party ideas.
#pleaseandthankyou :)

Over the weekend I went shopping with some friends and picked up quite a few new FAVORITES :)
You can check them all out here.
But I also picked up this polish and it is the perfect shade for Fall!
Don't mind all that excess polish on my fingers ;)
I just finished polishing and immediately took the picture. lol!

Watching/helping this kiddo with his homework is a FAVORITE right now.
I am sure it will just get harder in the future, so I am loving the easy stuff right now!

NOT A FAVORITE is the fact that my coffee maker decided to stop working!
(insert all the crying emojis)
So I need your help?
What kind of coffee maker do you use/have?
Give it all to me please :)

Another FAVORITE of the week is that I am currently sitting in 1st place in my fantasy football league!!!!!
That is huge considering I was in dead last for the entire season last year, and it is a league with all guys.
Fingers crossed I can keep it up!

And that is it my friends!
I am currently in Nashville with some friends celebrating some upcoming 40th birthdays!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Weekend Shopping!

I went shopping for 5+ hours and made it out alive!
Can you believe it?
I joined some friends on Saturday and headed down to Columbus to look for a few more items to take with me to Nashville.
I actually really enjoyed myself!
I can't lie...I was definitely nervous going into it due to my dislike for shopping.
But we had a really great time, found some good things to add to our wardrobes, and ate a delicious dinner at P.F. Chang's :)

What I didn't do on Saturday was take a single picture :(
#bloggerfail #reallifewin

But I had to show you some of the things I picked up!

Nordstrom Rack
I can't find the exact sweatshirt/pull over I picked up in store, but this one is super close!
Similar Distressed Sweatshirt

And I grabbed another pair of Articles of Society jeans because they are AMAZING!
And who can resist $36 for a pair of great jeans?!?!
This photo is actually the Mya version, but the Sarah version is almost identical to these!

This Zip Front Top in the burnt orange shade is gorgeous!
I knew I had to have it!
And I just love that zipper detail!

I picked up a short sleeve Black Lace Top that is fully lined as well, but I can't find it anywhere on the site :(

The entire store was 40% on Saturday!

New York & Company

This Olive Duster was literally the first thing I saw when I walked in the store and immediately told the other girls I was getting it! lol!

And I loved the burgundy color of this Soho top so it came home with me as well.

When I was waiting to check out I pulled up a coupon on my phone and was able to save an extra $25! :)

On Sunday I quickly ran through Target and found this top.
I actually picked up the white version of it, but it looked really weird in the online photo :/

I was in desperate need of a new belt too!
This cognac shade pretty much goes with everything I own.

And you all know I have been on the hunt for shoes for months now.
I haven't had too much luck, but I did pick up these simple black booties that I have been eyeing since they were 20%.

Old Navy
Do I even need an explanation for picking up this Camo Frost Free Vest?
Honestly, the only downside to it is that it is so thick :(
Which is great normally, but I would like to be able to wear it more than just outside.
Believe it or not, this one might actually get returned.

I think I have seen a million other bloggers with this exact Flannel, but I just couldn't resist it.
It is the perfect length for skinny jeans (or leggings if you like that sort of thing) ;)

As I was making my way to the checkout I spotted these Long Tee/Tunics and grabbed them both!
You can't go wrong with the length!
And black and stripes are staples for so many things.

The last thing I picked up with this simple black Cross Body Bag.
I don't want to carry a purse in Nashville, but I need something so this fit the bill without breaking the bank.

Everything at Old Navy was additional 30% off on Sunday :)

Some of these deals are still going on too!

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Monday, October 16, 2017

I signed up to...

When X had his orientation for Kindergarten I signed up to help out with the class parties and such.
The key word being "help".
On Friday a sheet came home asking about helping again.
This time it indicated the following options...

Head Room Mom
Donate Only

See that top option up there?
Yep, that is what I marked :/

There are so many reasons I marked it really.
My job enables me to do it
I want to make sure X and his friends enjoy their first school party
I love a good theme
I like being involved as much as possible

But the biggest reason why I think I marked that option...

Because my mom did it every year I was in school :)

Part of me feels a bit obligated since she did it all those years.
Another part feels extremely nervous because I don't know if I can live up to how awesome she always made all of my school parties.
And another part thinks I can totally rock this!

So I am asking for your help!
Who has hosted or helped out with their kiddos school parties before?
I need all your suggestions, ideas, etc.!
Especially for the Kindergarten age :)

The Halloween/Harvest party is in less than two weeks so I need to get on things and delegate to the other moms as quickly as possible.

I need craft ideas, snack ideas, and games.

And GO!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Fall Field Trip & More!

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First let me say...Happy Friday the 13th to my mom! :)
We always treat it as a happy, good luck day!
So it is a FAVORITE for sure!

On Friday morning Mic surprised me by saying we were leaving work early to celebrate our anniversary.
That basically meant I could wear what I wanted to instead of business casual clothing.
That right there is a FAVORITE in itself!!!

So I threw on my new FAVORITE sweater, my black jeans and booties and was ready to go!
Sweater (sold out) - Jeans - Booties

We headed towards Easton since I needed to make a return at one of the stores there.
While driving through we spotted this guy...
I had no idea who he was, but Mic was all about it!
He is the Buck I Guy.
Apparently, Ohio State fans would know who he is :/

Saturday morning was X's last soccer game for the Fall season.
They all played so well!
Seeing them all give each other a big group hug was definitely a FAVORITE!
We are already looking forward to Spring soccer!

My dad and step mom were down for the game, so we headed to the Blueberry Patch with them to grab some lunch.
I love the shop there!
I resisted this adorable jacket in my FAVORITE colors... isn't it super cute?!

And look at this scarf!!!
It would be perfect for the holidays!!!

Of course, anytime my parents get to spend time with X is a FAVORITE moment for me.
I think X really likes it too ;)

Saturday was our official anniversary, but we kept things super low key by building a giant fire in our backyard ;)
Sitting out by the fire is one of my FAVORITE things to do in the Fall, but it is SO dark in the country!
I need some lights to string through the trees to make it more homey.
Any suggestions?

On Tuesday I joined Andrea for A Day in my Life.
I actually documented THAT day.
It probably was one of my FAVORITE posts recently :)

On Wednesday I joined X and some of his Kindergarten Enrichment buddies for a field trip to Wayne's Country Market.
Apparently hugs are his FAVORITE because he wanted all his friends to pile in for a group hug!

This kid is growing like a weed these days!

And for comparison purposes....Here is X's first field trip to Wayne's in 2015 and then this year :)

All the kiddos had so much fun!

Getting to pick out a pumpkin to bring home with them was definitely the overall FAVORITE part of the trip for all the kids!

X's Halloween costume arrived this week and he couldn't wait to try it on!
Football is his FAVORITE right now for sure!
This is mean/game face! lol!
He is just my FAVORITE all the time!

Since he was wearing that costume it was only fitting that we played football for a little bit after dinner :)
Here he is discussing plays with Mic ;)

Social Media FAVORITES this week...


We cheered and cheered for the last couple of weeks, but our FAVORITE baseball team lost in the first round of the playoffs :(
My dad was at the games in Cleveland and we tried to DUO before the game started on Wednesday night.
X's face seeing the field in the bottom left is so stinkin' cute!
Definitely a FAVORITE!

And on that note I am calling it a week!
Looking forward to a day spent with some friends tomorrow,
X has a birthday party for a friend,
and I will be getting things ready for our trip to Nashville! Eek!
I can't wait!

Have a great weekend friends!

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