Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I realized that my work clothes are not very fun :(
When the weather warms up I do seem to wear some cute dresses and sandals. But right now it is still winter in Ohio. 
Yes, technically it is Spring. But the temps we have right now are barely in the 30's :(
Meaning...sweaters, dress pants, and boots still.
Not that fun to look at.
So for now I will feature what I wore in the evenings or weekends :)

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So here is what I wore this weekend!
Sorry for the horrible photo quality! I will be using my full length mirror from now on!

I wanted to comfortable, but pulled together for our small group dinner on Saturday night. 
Plus, I wanted to fit the color theme of the!

Gap navy top sold out - similar here
Merona beige tank - here
Old Navy Rockstar green super skinny jeans - here

Sunday was all about running errands!
Which again means comfy clothes :)
This picture does not do this outfit justice at all!
That camo sweatshirt fits perfectly and looks great with the pop of color underneath!
Again, will be taking photos in the full length mirror go forward :)

Gap Camo sweatshirt - similar here
Merona orange tank - here
Old Navy jeans (super old) - similar here

After looking at these two photos I realize I need accessories!
On the hunt for more scarves, necklaces, etc.

Click for weeks #1 and #2.

What is your comfy clothes uniform?
Are you a jeans and tee girl or do you get dressed up on weekends?

Where do you purchase your accessories?
Do you prefer scarves or jewelry?


  1. I love that camo top!! I need one! I already have camo pants!

  2. The green skinny jeans look so cute on you!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! They are the perfect color green to wear year round :)

  3. Love camo - I have a pair of camo flats. I think I want a jacket too. I like scarves but I tend to wear jewelry more than scarves.

    1. I have camo flats too! I even want the those camo boots they wear on Duck Dynasty! lol! I end up wearing scarves more since my 2 yo thinks he can pull on my necklaces and such ;(

  4. LOVE both looks. Did you check out the CRAZY soft infinity scarves I posted about last week??? They're $19/each when you buy two and they come in 10+ colors. AMAZING!!!

    1. Thanks Andrea! I need to revisit that post! At the time I thought I had plenty of scarves, but now I realize they are all winter colors and fabrics :( I did just receive the lobster and sailboat ones from Hippie Chick and I love them! Perfect for this summer :)